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Find out more about life as an NCA Intelligence Officer 


I'm an intelligence officer working in the Financial intelligence Unit at the National Crime Agency.

I work on a team that specifically deals with money laundering, but while I have a very specific target crime, as it were, in reality I've had to very quickly learn about a very wide range of different crimes and ways of dealing with them.

I deal with intelligence that generally comes from the public. Sometimes the intelligence will be completely brand new and it might require me or someone else on the team working on that in order to show someone why they should actually look into it.

I wasn't really sure what career I wanted when I was younger. I did History at university, but I'd always been interested in something that was public service, maybe the police, it just seemed like an interesting role. I heard the National Crime Agency was recruiting a couple of years ago, so I thought I'd give it a go and apply.

There's a really big range of different roles at the NCA so there's something for whatever your background is or whatever your interests are.

Every day you can see that you're trying to work towards something bigger and something that's worthwhile.

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