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Leading the UK's fight to cut serious and organised crime

Find out more about strategy roles at the NCA


I work in the Government Relations team in the NCA.

We're the main interface with the Home Office, but we're also responsible for handling the agency's position in terms of Parliament, in terms of our Ministers in the Home Office and in terms of the wider Whitehall departments such as the Foreign Office, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office.

I'd say to anyone who wants to come into Strategy, you're not out every day knocking down doors but you're still making a huge contribution because you're explaining the importance of what we do and the reason why tackling serious and organised crime is such a priority to the UK's national security.

The NCA is a great place to work, there's a sense of team here. If I express an interest in doing something different my managers will help me as much as they are able to do that.

No day is the same, a wide range of requests come in every day and it makes you feel very much that you're at the heart of something.