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Find out more about our Serious Crime Analysis Section

The NCA's Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS) works to identify the potential emergence of serial killers and serial rapists at the earliest stage of their offending.

Crime Analyst

A Crime Analyst’s main responsibility is conducting comparative case analysis in order to identify crimes that are potentially linked and/or to identify potential suspects.

After cases are coded onto the SCAS database by Crime Indexers, they are ready for analysis. Crime Analysts allocate themselves the highest priority case, the priority of which is determined by a number of factors which measure the level of risk posed to the public. Once a case is selected, Crime Analysts review all of the information available to gain an oversight of what they are dealing with. Contact is then made with the officer investigating the case to agree the work the Analyst will undertake.

Once analysis is agreed, the Crime Analyst prepares a behavioural interpretation of the offence, identifying the salient behaviour. Searches are then conducted across the SCAS database using the behaviour identified.

A report is prepared detailing any similar offences and/or potential suspects identified, including justifications for highlighting the offences or persons to the investigation. The report is then sent to the investigating officer so that they can progress any enquiries.

Crime Analysts also support investigations by carrying out research on suspects or unidentified offenders using police national databases and other data sources. The research carried out may result in the discovery of new information which can inform analysis and provide lines of enquiry to investigations.