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Leading the UK's fight to cut serious and organised crime

Find out more about life as an NCA Intelligence Officer 

Intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. As an NCA Intelligence Officer you’ll be at the centre of the action, helping to prioritise operations against the greatest threats and deliver the maximum disruptive impact on serious and organised crime.

Over the course of your career you may work across several different threat areas, from money laundering to firearms, cyber crime to modern slavery.

Day-to-day your role could be hugely varied. You could be analysing reports of money laundering or terrorist financing, disseminating real-time intelligence to operational teams, tracking a travelling sex offender, meeting with a covert human intelligence source or anything in between.

As an Intelligence Officer you’ll work closely with Intelligence Analysts and Researchers in researching, gathering, evaluating, developing, analysing and disseminating intelligence for a range of objectives. You’ll also work closely with police, security and intelligence agencies in the UK and around the world.

Depending on your role there may also be opportunities for travel within the UK and internationally.

Who we’re looking for

Many of our Intelligence Officers join us from other agencies with a background in intelligence. Others join us in entry-level positions. We’re committed to career development and providing opportunities for officers to try new things, with all the training and support to be a success in the role.

Whatever your background, we’re looking for people with honesty, curiosity, analytical flair and problem solving ability. You’ll also need resilience; intelligence is ever changing and the next challenge is just another operation away.

You’ll be part of a flexible, professional and capable workforce. You’ll work in a secure environment with a close knit, highly motivated team where personal and professional development is encouraged.

Your role will see you having a high degree of computer literacy; you will utilise a variety of computer systems and applications.  This will include the core systems used by the National Crime Agency, as well as digital data, applications and tools.  It also requires excellent communication skills with the ability to write well. You must be adept at working with others and be comfortable both giving and receiving direction.


We recruit regularly for experienced Intelligence Officers. Please see our latest vacancies. We will also be opening our Initial Operational Training Programme for Intelligence and Investigations career pathways later this year.

Find out more about joining the NCA in an entry level role or as an experienced professional.

Contract type: Permanent, Secondment

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