NCA sign

The National Crime Agency Director General, Lynne Owens, yesterday issued a tasking to improve the response to fraud.  

Kerem Albayrak

A cyber-criminal who tried to blackmail Apple by claiming he had access to a huge cache of iCloud and other Apple accounts has been sentenced following an NCA investigation.

Cannabis farm

A man has been jailed for running a network of over 400 properties used by organised crime groups involved in prostitution, cannabis farming and illegal immigration.

NCA dog

Two people have been arrested as part of an NCA investigation into a suspected organised crime group believed to have been involved in the importation of a significant amount of MDMA into the UK in picture frames and sealant tubes.

Scott Burns custody shot

A disgruntled ex-employee has been jailed after he admitted carrying out cyber attacks against Jet2 which took down their computer systems for more than 12 hours.


A 37-year-old man from Slough has been convicted of his role in a plot to import 96 lethal firearms into the UK following an investigation by the joint NCA and Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).

Yusuf Kara and Ashraf Khan custody shots

Two Bradford drug dealers have been jailed after £3million of heroin and around £130k in cash were seized, as part of a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation.

Packages of cocaine

An airport security worker is among three people charged in connection with an attempt to smuggle cocaine worth more than £2 million into the UK via Heathrow airport.

Coins concealed beneath metal washers

A man from Northern Ireland has been jailed for more than four years for masterminding an attempt to import almost half a million fake pound coins into the UK.

Richard Townsend custody shot

A convicted online child sex offender has been jailed for 23 years for sexually abusing two boys and an unknown male, after a National Crime Agency investigation.

NCA car

Three Albanian men have been remanded on suspicion of plotting to supply half a million pounds’ worth of cocaine, assaulting NCA officers and having false identity documents.

Two Irish nationals have been charged with conspiring to import class A and B drugs, conspiracy to import prohibited weapons and money laundering, as part of a National Crime Agency investigation.

Richard Townsend and Mark Metcalfe custody shots

A convicted online child sex offender and his partner have been found guilty of sexually abusing two boys and an unknown male.

Richard Arcari custody shot

A civil servant who was arrested for online child sexual abuse offences twice went on to commit more offences while on bail.

Student on tablet

Letting someone use your bank account to move money is money laundering is the message to students in the weeks before Christmas when it might seem an easy way to earn money.

Nasir Jamshaid

Ex-professional Pakistani cricketer, Nasir Jamshaid, has admitted bribing cricketers to fix elements of international matches.