Cannabis farm

National Crime Agency officers have discovered a massive three-floor cannabis farm in a former nightclub in Coventry.

Stovewood sign

National Crime Agency officers investigating allegations of child abuse in Rotherham have made another series of arrests.

Drugs station found in trafficker's house

A drugs trafficker has admitted posting dozens of packages of Class A drugs around the world, after a National Crime Agency investigation.

NCA logo

Six men have been arrested by the NCA as part of an international investigation into the so-called QQAAZZ group, a money laundering network which laundered millions on behalf of the world’s most prolific cyber criminals.


Four men have been arrested and three firearms seized as part of an NCA investigation into an organised crime group involved a range of illegal activity.

firearm and drugs

A man has been charged with drugs, firearms and money laundering offences after the seizure of cocaine worth £1.2 million, a firearm and £23,000 in cash.

Seized firearm and ammunition

A man from County Antrim has been charged with attempting to import a gun and ammunition in the post from the United States.

Concealed cocaine packages

Cocaine worth around £6 million at street level has been seized at the Port of Holyhead, as part of an investigation involving the National Crime Agency, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Border Force.

Peter O’Donnell custody shot

A man has been jailed for over nine years after a sawn-off shotgun and cash was recovered as part of an operation by the joint National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Service Organised Crime Partnership.

NCA Crest

NCA officers, current and retired, have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours for outstanding work in their respective fields and showing exceptional dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Two suspected members of a criminal network involved in the smuggling of Vietnamese migrants into the UK have been arrested.

Jean Da Silva OLIVEIRA

A drugs mule who swallowed 99 packages of cocaine weighing more than one kilogram before he flew into the UK has been jailed for four years.

seized assets

A Leeds businessman with links to serious criminals has lost his vast property empire worth nearly £10m after a National Crime Agency investigation.

Arunas Cirplys

A man who was driving a lorry load of beer into the UK has been jailed for six years and nine months after he tried to smuggle Class A drugs worth more than a million pounds into the country.

Man arrested

A lorry driver arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle migrants OUT of the UK has been charged following an NCA investigation.

A new joint unit of UK and French law enforcement officers working together to tackle organised immigration crime has been involved in the arrest of almost 100 suspected people smugglers in France since it started work two months ago.