Turadek mugshot

A man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for money laundering offences after being caught trying to smuggle almost £500,000 out of the UK within a truckload of air fresheners.

Shafiq Ahmed

A corrupt money transfer business owner responsible for a £5 million money laundering scheme is being sent back to prison after the National Crime Agency found he had flouted the terms of his release.

Cocaine packages

A Romanian lorry driver has been jailed after a National Crime Agency investigation found that he had attempted to bring cocaine worth up to £1 million into the UK.

custody picture of Shah

A Luton man has been jailed for five years after National Crime Agency (NCA) officers found a loaded firearm at his home.

Clinton Blakey

The National Crime Agency has issued a wanted appeal after a man charged with firearms offences failed to appear at court.

NCA logo

A 52 year old man from Hertfordshire was arrested this morning in connection with potential offences against the Bounce Back Loan scheme and other frauds.

NCA officers

A woman who has been ordered to hand over more than £80,000 in a National Crime Agency investigation claimed £25,000 of it was found under her grandmother’s bed.

A bag of cocaine on the floor

Update: two men have now been charged as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into drug smuggling.

Jason Bunce

A 57-year-old man has been jailed for a conspiracy to smuggle cocaine worth nearly £3 million concealed in customised exhaust pipes which the NCA believe was destined for Northern Ireland.


Three men have been charged and a UK national arrested in Spain on a European Arrest Warrant as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into the large scale supply and possession of firearms.

Khaliq Rehman

A career drugs trafficker once jailed over a plot to import more than 100kg of heroin to the UK has vanished after being arrested for new allegations.

OIC arrest

Four men have now been charged as part of a National Crime Agency investigation targeting people smugglers.

Seyed Sajjad Shahidian

An Iranian national who ran a financial services company designed to circumvent financial sanctions on Iran, has been sentenced in the US after being arrested and extradited from the UK.

Cannabis farm

National Crime Agency officers have discovered a massive three-floor cannabis farm in a former nightclub in Coventry.

Stovewood sign

National Crime Agency officers investigating allegations of child abuse in Rotherham have made another series of arrests.

Drugs station found in trafficker's house

A drugs trafficker has admitted posting dozens of packages of Class A drugs around the world, after a National Crime Agency investigation.