Twenty-four firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been seized in a joint operation between the National Crime Agency and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Two London men have been jailed for nearly 17 years for attempting to smuggle four Heckler and Koch handguns and 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition into the UK.

Group custody shots

The head of an international pharmaceutical firm has been jailed for heading up what is believed to be the world’s biggest ever illegal anabolic steroid distribution network.

Cocaine inside frozen meat

The National Crime Agency have charged a truck driver with attempting to import class A drugs after cocaine likely to be worth more than £20 million was seized at Harwich.

Robert Keogh and the guns seized

A man has been jailed for nine years after admitting smuggling 60 guns into the country in his car, as part of a National Crime Agency investigation.

Christine Callaghan custody shot

A woman has admitted four child sexual abuse charges including live-streaming footage of herself sexually abusing a young girl over almost three years.

Gun barrel

A construction worker has been sentenced to five years in jail after being caught carrying a firearm in his backpack while on his way to work.

Yacht and border force cutter

National Crime Agency officers have charged a 64-year-old man with facilitating illegal entry to the UK after discovering eight illegal migrants on a yacht.

Woman on jetski

Two drug dealers have been jailed for smuggling cocaine worth £38k into the UK alongside the dancer acting as their drugs mule.

NCA sign

Property worth up to £8.1 million have been recovered by the NCA following a civil recovery and tax investigation.

Cannabis in packages

Two Dutch men who smuggled vast quantities of cannabis from the Netherlands into the UK have been jailed following a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation.

NCA sign

Another suspected member of an international organised crime group responsible for importing in excess of 50 tonnes of drugs into the UK from the Netherlands has been arrested.

Four people have been arrested and five properties searched as part of an ongoing joint investigation between the National Crime Agency, Bulgarian law enforcement and Merseyside Police.

Custody shots: Rebekah Simons, Carlos Sen, Louise Caswell, Stephen Gibson

Two men from Nottingham have been jailed for a total of five years after being found guilty of posting component parts of an AR15 assault rifle home while on holiday in Florida.

UK Border sign

Five men have been arrested as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into a crime group suspected of hiding migrants in a cattle truck in a bid to smuggle them into the UK.

Heroin seized in Bradford

Two men accused of distributing heroin in the Yorkshire and Humber region have been charged after 56kg of heroin, worth an estimated £3million at street level, and around £100k cash was seized.