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Individual in question in centre of image

Two men arrested as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into the importation of cocaine and heroin have been jailed for more than 29 years.

Abdul Fahad Custody Image

The NCA is appealing for information on the whereabouts of a convicted money launderer who talked of moving up to £50 million out of the UK every month.

A London-based crime group which tried to smuggle 69 Albanian migrants into the UK on a decrepit fishing vessel – and planned to bring in 50 more every week – have been jailed.

money hidden in wheel arches

A man who attempted to take £250,000 out of the UK by hiding it in the wheel arches of his vehicle has been sentenced.

1.2 tonnes of cocaine seized

A major National Crime Agency-led operation targeting a suspected organised crime group alleged to have used an insider at Sheerness port in Kent has resulted in the arrest and charging of seven men and the seizure of around 1.2 tonnes of cocaine.

Victor Melleney custody image

A man from London has been convicted of possessing over 800 indecent images of children, after he admitted owning stun guns and pepper spray.

Ryan Hawkins Custody

A man from Southport has been jailed for 17 years for raping a toddler and sexually assaulting another child.

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Two men have been charged after a gun, drugs and cash were seized as part of an operation by the Paramilitary Crime Task Force in County Antrim.

cocaine packages

Three men have admitted conspiring to smuggle £5.5m worth of cocaine from the UK to Ireland.

NCA logo on dark background

A man has been charged with conspiring to launder criminal proceeds, following an investigation by the NCA into a network of cash couriers suspected of removing tens of millions of pounds from the UK.

Wraight and Bannister Custody Images

Two criminals who were prepared to inflict violence to protect their illicit business will spend longer in prison.

Image of four people on a screen, with another to the right.

The National Crime Agency has reached agreement with five major social media platforms on a new joint action plan, supported by the Home Office, on combatting organised immigration crime.

Seized Cash

A man suspected of being a key figure in an international money laundering network responsible for moving tens of millions of pounds out of the UK has been arrested by the National Crime Agency in London.

Small boat with bottom collapsed

Organised crime groups are turning to ever more dangerous and un-seaworthy boats in efforts to smuggle people across the Channel to the UK from France, the National Crime Agency has warned.

Elahi custody image

A sadistic online blackmailer has been jailed for 32 years after targeting nearly 2,000 people globally to commit some of the most sickening sexual offending the National Crime Agency has ever investigated.

Roman Custody Image

A lorry driver who attempted to hide 16 kilos of cocaine in the battery area of an HGV has been jailed for seven years.