Tag: Firearms

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  1. Illegal firearms
  2. Drug trafficking
  3. Intelligence: enhancing the picture of serious organised crime affecting the UK
  4. Investigating and disrupting the highest risk serious and organised criminals
  5. Border vulnerabilities
  6. Joint operation nets Dover firearms haul
  7. National Crime Agency awarded over £8m in fight to tackle serious and organised crime
  8. County Lines
  9. Man charged following Norfolk firearms seizure
  10. Two men arrested in Sheffield on suspicion of drugs and firearms offences
  11. Two charged over Channel Tunnel firearms seizure
  12. Two men charged following seizure of four firearms in Essex
  13. Irish national found guilty of possessing disguised firearm
  14. Manchester man hid handgun under his hot tub
  15. Gun smuggler with 60 firearms in car jailed for nine years
  16. Joint operation in Northern Ireland nets huge firearms and ammunition haul
  17. Midlands man charged following recovery of two semi-automatic pistols
  18. Two charged after gun and cocaine seized in London flat
  19. Third man sentenced for importing 95 lethal hand guns into UK
  20. Bermondsey shop owner intended to sell illegal knives for profit
  21. Couple charged after shotgun recovered in Ladbroke Grove
  22. Operation Venetic: suspect charged overnight with drugs and firearm supply
  23. Irish trio plead guilty to drug importation offences following four-year NCA investigation
  24. Operation Venetic: Merseyside man arrested for firearms offences
  25. Op Venetic: Birmingham trio charged with drugs and firearms supply
  26. Operation Venetic: West Yorkshire man pleads guilty to firearms offences
  27. Operation Venetic: Liverpool man charged in connection with acid attack and shots fired in Merseyside
  28. Pair jailed over gun deal in Kent
  29. Gun charge - Ballymoney man accused of importing weapon in the post from US
  30. Man charged as NCA and Met officers seize Ilford bedroom cocaine and gun stash
  31. Three lethal firearms seized in Isle of Dogs
  32. Charges in National Crime Agency EncroChat firearms and ammo operation
  33. Wanted appeal for suspected firearms criminal
  34. Prison for Luton man who hid loaded gun in wardrobe
  35. Firearms and ammunition buried in Warrington garden