Chemical Suspicious Activity Reports (CSARs) are made by companies in the chemical or related industries and alert UK law enforcement to the potential purchase of chemicals to manufacture illegal drugs.

The Chemical Control Team within the NCA receive CSARs and disseminates the intelligence to the appropriate organisation to action. 

Reporting suspicious orders or enquiries

CSARs contribute intelligence to law enforcement operations, identify reckless or deliberate acts of chemical diversion and help initiate investigations into previously unknown criminals or organisations.

Any suspicious activity such as unusual orders or transactions which suggest that chemicals might be used to manufacture illegal drugs must be reported.

To make a CSAR please complete a chemical suspicious activity report form ( 92 KB ) and email it to our Chemical Control Team. Please call 0207 238 2426 for the email address, or fax it to 0207 238 2828. 

Please Note: the CSAR form is for use in the reporting of suspicious activity around chemicals and equipment only.

The team will acknowledge receipt of individual CSARs. In some instances a follow-up clarification call or email may be required. 

Please read the pdf guidance on completing a CSAR report (92 KB) for further information. 

Confidentiality of CSARs

We taken confidentiality extremely seriously and any communication with us will be secure. 

CSARs are confidential and the identity of the individual or organisation making a CSAR will not be disclosed to the subject of the report.

Chemical Liaison Officers

A number of police forces throughout the UK have Chemical Liaison Officers (CLO) working with industry to help prevent the diversion of chemicals and other substances into the illicit production of drugs. 

CLOs are in contact with local chemical companies and other suppliers to advise and raise awareness in regards to chemical precursor controls. 

If a CLO has not been in contact with your company and you wish to seek advice you can do so by obtaining a contact number from our Chemical Control Team on 0207 238 2426. Alternatively, ask for the CLO via your local police force headquarters switchboard. 

Please bear in mind that not all force areas have appointed a CLO. If your force area does not have a CLO and you wish to seek advice please contact our Chemical Control Team on 0207 238 2426.