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Tackling the global threat from child sexual abuse

The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is an international alliance of 15 dedicated law enforcement agencies working together to tackle the global threat from child sexual abuse. The NCA is the current chair of the VGT.

The collaborative approach afforded by the VGT is absolutely crucial when the child sexual abuse threat is growing in severity and complexity, and through technology, is increasingly unconstrained by the location of offenders.

The VGT was established as a direct response to the rise in offenders targeting children all over the world through online social interactions, and travelling overseas to commit contact sexual abuse. Law enforcement agencies joined forces, working closely with non-governmental organisations and industry partners, to deliver a program of coordinated activity to help protect children online, no matter where they are in the world.

Who we are

The VGT members work together to deliver innovative, global strategies that address some of the biggest challenges facing international law enforcement in tackling child sexual abuse, ensuring we use every tool possible to enable us to protect children and continue to tackle this global crime.

If you have any queries related to the VGT, you can contact us at
(please note that this is not a service to report safeguarding concerns about a child or young person).

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VGT issues warning of 'technological tipping point' in the fight against online child sexual abuse. Following significant international developments on End to End Encryption and Artificial Intelligence, the Virtual Global Taskforce believes it is a necessary moment to provide a unified law enforcement voice on how these emerging technologies are impacting the child sexual abuse threat and the abilities of law enforcement to effectively respond. To read the statement, click here.


The VGT is an independent body, currently chaired by the NCA. The 15 VGT members are equal, voting members who deliver VGT activity. Information on the role of the VGT is hosted on the NCA website whilst the NCA is chair, any other content on the NCA site is not linked to, affiliated with or the opinion of VGT members.