Rob Jones, NCA Director of Threat Leadership: “The NCA was pleased to participate in the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) and welcomes the opportunity to build on our engagement with a range of public and private sector partners to tackle the global ransomware threat.

“Cyber crime, and in particular ransomware, is an increasingly sophisticated and challenging threat. Ransomware attacks have significantly increased in terms of impact and frequency over the last year, and now present a growing threat to security and prosperity. Organised cybercriminal groups have taken advantage of the Covid pandemic to target individuals and businesses, and many have evolved their tactics to steal data and extort victims through threatening to leak stolen data alongside encrypting networks.

“The NCA recognises the borderless nature of cyber crime, in particular ransomware, and that new and innovative approaches are needed to respond to the constantly evolving threat. The RTF final report includes a framework and actions that aim to reduce the harm from global ransomware attacks emphasizing the requirement for a joined up approach between governments and industry partners across the world.

“The National Crime Agency continues to work closely with partners such as the National Cyber Security Centre, who also participated in the RTF to strengthen the UK response to cyber crime, building our intelligence picture and using our capabilities to effectively respond to threats both in the UK and abroad.” 

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29 April 2021