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Leading the UK's fight to cut serious and organised crime


The NCA has been allocated £2.96 million from the UK’s aid budget through the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation in high-risk countries.

Sec of state photo 1Some of the funding will support the Philippines Internet Crimes Against Children Centre (PICACC), set up this year to tackle the live streaming of sexual abuse.

Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary has visited the NCA in Warrington to meet specialist officers tackling serious and organised crime, including the sexual exploitation of children around the world.

Ms Mordaunt praised the teams working to protect and promote our national security, economic goals and influence.

Ian Cruxton, Deputy Director of International Operations at the National Crime Agency, said: 

“International threats remain a top priority for the NCA, and we have seen many successes through the work we are doing with the Department for International Development to pursue criminals who operate across the globe. 

“An additional £2.96m in funding per year will allow us to build on our work to target UK transnational child sex offenders, child abuse and support local agencies in high-risk countries.

“This money will enable a team of specialist officers to deploy internationally and provide operational support to law enforcement agencies in the Philippines and other high-risk countries.

“It will also enable the delivery of training and mentoring to share knowledge and build sustainable capacity in the Philippines, and ultimately safeguard more children overseas.”