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Play a role in leading the UK’s fight against Cyber Crime: join the National Cyber Crime Unit

What we do

Cyber crime is a global threat carried out by criminals looking to exploit our vulnerabilities.  This crime devastates individuals and businesses, disrupts our way of life and impacts the national security of the United Kingdom. At the NCCU, we respond to the most critical cyber incidents as well as pursuing longer-term activity against cyber criminals and helping to shut down the services on which they depend.

Many disciplines, one shared goal

At the NCCU our many disciplines share one common goal - to help make the UK a safe place to live and work online. This is a hugely challenging ambition – with our officers responsible for the investigation of some of the most technically advanced criminality with new ways to target and exploit our vulnerabilities evolving all the time. We don’t do this alone - working closely with UK police, regional organised crime units and partners in international law enforcement, as well as forming close and effective partnerships with private industry to share information and technical expertise.  

Looking for a rewarding and challenging opportunity?

To tackle this crime we need a diverse team of talented individuals who are prepared to think differently and open to trying new approaches. You don’t need to be a cyber expert to join the team. We are actively looking to recruit people from all different walks of life who can bring new perspectives and experiences.

Meet Tom – a recent Politics Graduate from the University of Bath who has joined the Prevent team for a year in industry

What attracted you to this opportunity?

I had a friend who recommended the NCCU as a place to work. I was really fascinated about Cyber and as I didn't have a technical background – I wanted to find a route in that didn't require this of me. I was also really keen to work for a Government organisation.

What are you hoping to get out of the experience?

I am looking forward to living in London, working in a fast pace environment and learning more about Cyber. I am also keen to understand what opportunities there are for me with regards to my career within the NCA and am taking the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues.

Meet Serena – a recent Health & Medicine Graduate from Kings College London

What attracted you to this opportunity?

I was looking for the opportunity to expand my experience and in particular around project management. I wanted to lead on projects and be able to demonstrate that I can adapt to new situations.

What are you hoping to get out of the experience?

At the interview I asked about career progression and development opportunities. My Line Manager has been great at talking to me about this and looking for opportunities where I can develop and grow.

Meet Rafi – a Masters graduate who joined the NCCU for a 3 month internship in 2019 (and now has a full time role)

What were the main highlights?

I was given a big project and had 3 months to do it. I loved the autonomy I was provided and I got exposure to really senior stakeholders across government. I had the opportunity to present my final report and it's great to know that it's being used and has served an important purpose.

How did you find the NCCU to work for?

There are amazing training opportunities in this unit (10 development days opposed to 5 in the rest of the Agency). Also the scale of what we’re involved in is really exciting –you really feel as though you are doing worthwhile and important work.

Call out section
I really enjoy working in the data science team. The work is varied and involves a combination of mathematics, programming, analysis, and problem solving. Couple that with tackling cybercrime and it makes the job extremely attractive. I especially like working in the team as they are all approachable, engaging, and openly share ideas and knowledge. I have also had the opportunity to attend different training courses and develop my own skills, which I have then been able to implement in my daily work. I find it highly rewarding knowing that my work has made a real-world impact in helping to protect the public.
Data Scientist, Cyber Engineering


Why work with us?

We asked some of our employees, "why should someone want to come and work at the NCCU?" and here's what we heard.

Our work

Join the NCCU and make a difference to one of the gravest threats to national security. We can’t always talk about everything we’re working on, but when we can, it hits the headlines.

Cyber crime is fast paced and ever-evolving and so it’s critical that we keep up. It’s work that truly makes a difference. All of the teams within the NCCU have access to the latest and most cutting edge tactics to tackle cyber crime.

Our culture

We Are Inquisitive: We don’t just accept, we ask questions and we always seek to know more.

We Value Team Work: We use our diversity to bring together different skillsets and work as one to encourage innovation and constructive challenge.

We Want to Meet You: We are a team who truly care about one another and invest time in building relationships.

Our benefits

In addition to our great benefits package, here are some of the other benefits NCCU employees wanted to shout about.

We Work Flexibly: Not just with regards to the hours that we work, but also in the work that we do, there is opportunity to put your hand up to work on different things, grow your skillset and be the best you can be.

We Invest in your Development: We offer a number of training days per year – these are days you can take to invest in your own development and we support you to do so.

We Learn about the World: We spend a lot of time speaking to people; people from different countries, from different cultures and with different experiences and this is something we love about our job.

Permanent positions

Information about our permanent positions is available via the Civil Service Jobs website. Here you’ll be able to set-up alerts so that you are notified when suitable roles become available.

Go to the bottom of this page to view our current vacancies.

Entry level positions

From apprenticeships to summer internships and student placements, the NCCU provide entry level non-permanent opportunities to those interested in joining.   

For many of our roles, no Cyber experience is necessary. Go to the bottom of this page to view our current vacancies.

Call out section
The placement has been a great opportunity for me to gain valuable cyber knowledge and skills, whilst operating in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Working within a fantastic team and in collaboration with others, I have been able to contribute to some hugely impactful work
Current Year in Industry Placement – Prevent Team


Current vacancies

Links to upcoming roles will be posted here shortly.