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Mark Francis Roberts

Roberts is wanted for Grievous Bodily Harm and attempted robbery of a man’s £60,000 Richard Mille watch. The victim was attacked by two men with a blade at around 1.30am on 30 September 2016 after he parked his car on his home driveway. The victim refused to surrender his watch and was so badly injured he suffered life-threatening injuries and was treated in a critical care unit for puncture wounds, a collapsed lung and many lacerations. The victim heard one of the attackers say he’d cut himself in the attack, and Roberts’s blood was later identified at the scene.

Location: North West

Date of Incident: 2016-09-30
Crime: Assault
Sex: Male
Age Range: 28-29
Height: 6ft 1in
Build: Medium

Ethnic Appearance: White
Additional Information: From Liverpool. White, 6ft 1in tall, of medium build. Has a 7.6cm scar down his right leg. Heavy eyebrows, right handed; green eyes; potential scar on arm obtained during the attempted robbery.