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  1. Operation Venetic: suspect charged overnight with drugs and firearm supply

    A 24-year-old man who was arrested yesterday (2nd July) as part of an National Crime Agency led investigation under Operation Venetic has been charged.
  2. Update: Eight charged in Operation Venetic drugs and gun conspiracy

    Eight men arrested by the National Crime Agency in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside last Thursday in connection with an organised crime group dealing Class A and B drugs have been charged.
  3. NCA and police smash thousands of criminal conspiracies after infiltration of encrypted communication platform in UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation

    Entire organised crime groups dismantled during Operation Venetic with 746 arrests, and £54m criminal cash, 77 firearms and over two tonnes of drugs seized so far.
  4. Operation Venetic: Leeds man wanted by the NCA arrested in Spain

    A man wanted by the NCA for his suspected links to firearms and drug supply in the North West has been arrested in Spain.
  5. Operation Venetic: Two men arrested in investigation linked to the recovery of £1.6m in cash

    National Crime Agency officers have arrested two men as part of a drugs and money laundering investigation which led to the seizure of more than £1.6m last year.
  6. Operation Venetic: Two charged in specialist organised crime team drugs investigation

    Two men have been charged as part of a drugs investigation by the Merseyside Organised Crime Partnership.
  7. Operation Venetic: Organised crime group jailed for UK heroin plot

    Members of an organised crime group that smuggled heroin into the UK have been jailed in a National Crime Agency investigation.
  8. Operation Venetic: Three men admit raft of firearms, drugs and money laundering offences

    Three men who conspired together in plots to supply guns and drugs have admitted a range of offences.
  9. Operation Venetic
  10. Operation Venetic: Drug smuggler convicted over 20 kilo cocaine seizure

    A Manchester man who used the encrypted phone network EncroChat to import cocaine worth £1.6m has today pleaded guilty.
  11. Operation Venetic: Sentences increased for west London drug dealers

    Two criminals who were prepared to inflict violence to protect their illicit business will spend longer in prison.
  12. “NCA not fu*@ing about,” say kingpin criminals

    Kingpin criminals at the heart of a landmark law enforcement breakthrough into encrypted communications are in fear of the National Crime Agency and police, according to their messages.
  13. Op Venetic: Birmingham trio charged with drugs and firearms supply

    A trio from Birmingham arrested as part of National Crime Agency led Operation Venetic have been charged with drugs and firearms offences, after officers seized a sub-machine gun, drugs and cash.
  14. Two Bristol men charged after £400k cocaine seizure

    Update: two men have now been charged as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into drug smuggling.
  15. Drug dealer jailed after shotgun recovered in Ladbroke Grove

    A man has been jailed for over nine years after a sawn-off shotgun and cash was recovered as part of an operation by the joint National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Service Organised Crime Partnership.
  16. “We’re gonna hit the jackpot!” - Trio used removal firm as cover for lockdown drug smuggling enterprise

    Three men who plotted to use a removal firm as a front for their drug smuggling operation have been convicted following a National Crime Agency investigation.
  17. Online is the new frontline in fight against organised crime– says NCA on publication of annual threat assessment

    Criminals are exploiting advances in technology to drive serious and organised crime, the NCA says in the 2021 National Strategic Assessment – with increased online usage leading to a rise in offending.
  18. NCA warns furloughed port and airport workers could be exploited by organised criminal groups

    The National Crime Agency has issued an alert to furloughed port and airport workers warning they may be vulnerable to organised crime groups seeking to exploit the Covid crisis.
  19. Venetic: Kent woman headed up family-run multi-million cocaine dealership

    A woman from Kent who headed up a crime group that supplied over half a tonne of cocaine and laundered millions of pounds in illicit cash has been jailed for 15 years.
  20. Northern Ireland man arrested as part of NCA investigation

    A 31-year old man suspected of importing class A drugs through his links to a Northern Ireland haulage firm has been arrested.
  21. Op Venetic: Drug dealer busted by birthday blunder

    A drug supplier who used encrypted messaging service Encrochat to sell cocaine has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, following an investigation by the joint National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).
  22. Drug smugglers wanted to “hit the jackpot”, but ended up with prison sentences totalling 40 years

    Three men have been jailed for a combined 40 years, after being found guilty of plotting a £4.5 million drug smuggling venture.
  23. Op Venetic: Organised crime group jailed for Encrochat cocaine plan

    Two members of an organised crime group selling cocaine in Essex have been jailed for 18 years.
  24. Gunman jailed as Merseyside Organised Crime Partnership marks six months of successes

    A gunman who once shot himself in the foot has been jailed for four years – as a specialist crime team marks six months of successes.

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