'Neeraj' - Intelligence


Working as an Intelligence Officer within the NCCU, my role is to support the Cyber investigations being led by the Unit. Cyber investigations generate a lot of information and my job is to make sense and develop this information into Intelligence that can be used to support an investigation.


A lot of my day is spent at my desk, conducting research. I will typically have several different investigations that I am working on at any one time and depending upon where we are within an investigation, I will be looking to develop the profiles of specific subjects (or criminal actors). I’ll use closed and open sources to find out more about these subjects. Outside of independent research, I will have regular meetings with my case teams to keep them up to date with findings and will provide briefings to the senior officers on the progress of my work. As a Grade 4 Officer, I am responsible for the line management of a team of junior officers and so will spend some of my day quality assuring work and providing support. At lunch, or when I need a break from research, I take the time to read up on the latest cyber news. The way cyber criminals work evolves faster than other crimes and so it’s important I keep up to date.


For me, a really great day is when I get to run the tactical support desk. This happens when the Operation team are out on the field. The team will often be conducting searches and will need real time information fed back to them so they can judge whether a specific piece of information or material is relevant and worth seizing. I love the fast-paced nature of days like this. The other part of my job that I really love is the feeling of satisfaction I get following the successful outcome of my work. I can have been working on an investigation for months or at times, years, and it’s great when all that work results in a successful arrest or prosecution.