Statement on CEOP's involvement in Toronto Police's Project Spade


15 November 2013

NCA Deputy Director General Phil Gormley has provided a more detailed statement on CEOP's involvement in the Toronto Police Service's Project Spade.

Phil Gormley said:

"Yesterday's press conference by Toronto Police Service brought Project Spade to my attention and prompted me to instigate enquiries into the UK's involvement through CEOP, which from 7 October 2013 became part of the NCA.

"Those enquiries have made clear to me that the material sent by Toronto via Interpol in 2012 was assessed at the time by CEOP. The material related to customer details of purchasers of dvds and videos from the internet.  The ‘screen shots’ CEOP received did not show contact child sexual abuse, and were classified by CEOP's experts as Level 1 on the COPINE scale.

"However it is also clear to me that all steps which should have been completed at the time did not take place.

"These additional steps and enquiries that should have been undertaken are now underway. I have ordered a review of CEOP’s handling of this matter in 2012 and of the subsequent actions that were taken".

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