Back to prison for cyber fraudster who dodged computer restrictions

15 November 2016

Jay Moore, 26, from Cromhall, Gloucestershire, was sentenced to six months at Bristol Crown Court, while a forfeiture order was issued for the computer.

As well as failing to declare the laptop, Moore had use of three virtual private servers (VPS) – in effect giving him access to three further computers – and used software called CCleaner to erase data on the laptop’s hard drive.

Moore’s SCPO was due to run for the maximum-allowable five years. Imposed on his release from prison in 2013, it restricted his use of computers, mobile phones and bank accounts, banned him from carrying more than £5,000 in cash and required him to tell the NCA about his computer use and ownership.

Border Force officers who searched Moore on behalf of the NCA at Heathrow airport on 29 January 2016 found him in possession of the Dell Windows 10 (Pro 6.3) laptop as he queued to board a flight to Dubai.

The NCA confirmed that Moore had not declared the computer and it was seized and examined by NCA officers when he returned to Heathrow on 7 February.

When questioned, Moore, who committed the breaches while on holiday in Dubai, at first claimed the laptop belonged to someone else before admitting responsibility.

Mark Morrison, of the NCA’s organised crime command, said: “Serious crime prevention orders such as Jay Moore’s are put in place to make it harder for criminals to commit further offences and also to make sure any criminal associates of the offender want nothing to do with them once they’re outside.

“Moore had the smarts to take part in a fraud worth almost £27million, but not to do the right thing afterwards and comply with the conditions of his order. If he’d declared the laptop and used it properly he’d still be a free man.”

Moore was first jailed in 2012 after admitting 12 offences related to the bulk sale of credit card data.

Using an online pseudonym, ‘t0pp8uzz’, he had set up a website called Freshshop as a marketplace for the sale of data stolen by himself and others.

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