Investigation into alleged police corruption during original Stephen Lawrence murder investigation

16 October 2015

The National Crime Agency (NCA) can confirm its investigation into alleged police corruption during the original investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

The managed investigation for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is being led by Roy McComb, NCA Deputy Director for Specialist Investigations.

The IPCC has confirmed Roy McComb's appointment by the Metropolitan Police Service* and the investigation became live on March 9 2015.

Members of the Lawrence family, Duwayne Brooks and their legal representatives have already been spoken with by the Senior Investigating Officer and we will continue to meet and update them as appropriate.

For operational reasons, no further details about the investigation are being provided at this time.


* The Police Reform Act 2002 (the IPCC statute) requires the host force (MPS) to formally appoint the SIO on a matter that is managed by IPCC  (with IPCC approval)

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