NCA statement on Project Spade - update

18 September 2014


The National Crime Agency can confirm that information on Dr Myles Bradbury was received by CEOP in July 2012 from Toronto Police via Interpol.


The material related to customer details of purchasers of DVDs and videos from the internet. The material was assessed by CEOP at the time by suitably experienced officers. The screen shots CEOP received did not show contact child sexual abuse and were classified by CEOP’s experts as Level 1 on the COPINE scale or lower.


In November 2013, a few weeks after the NCA became operational, NCA Deputy Director General Phil Gormley became aware that the material received from Toronto Police via Interpol had not been disseminated to UK police forces.


Mr Gormley took immediate steps to ensure the new CEOP Command disseminated the data to police forces over the following days. He also ordered an independent review of CEOP’s handling in 2012, stating that it was clear that all steps which should have been completed at the time did not take place.


That review has now reported and the NCA has taken action based on its recommendations.  


The data on Dr Myles Bradbury was shared with Suffolk Police on 27 November 2013, a few days after it initially came to the attention of the Deputy Director General of the NCA.


The NCA has made a referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


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