NCA policy on publicising arrests


04 March 2014

The NCA has today set out its position on publicising arrests.

A spokesperson said: "The NCA arrested over 350 people in its first four months of operation. We consider publishing the details of arrests in every instance, and on a case by case basis, but it is not appropriate or practical to publicise every single one.

"Decisions involve multiple considerations, for example balancing transparency with the need to preserve operational integrity or protect vulnerable people. We also need to consider the right to a fair trial and the risk of jeopardising a prosecution in the event that charges are brought. An individual who has not been charged, and may still be released without charge, should reasonably expect to have their details made public only when law enforcement has the evidence to bring charges against them. Where confirmation of an arrest would, by default, effectively confirm an individual's identity the same considerations apply.  

"As an investigation progresses we keep this under review.

"We do have discretion to name on arrest but there must be a sound justification to do so, for example it is not uncommon for individuals to be named where there is a threat to life."

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