Loaded handgun thrown from car during police pursuit

5 January 2017

Four men have been jailed after pleading guilty to the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition following an investigation by the National Crime Agency’s Armed Operations Unit (AOU).

Ali Adnam Khan from Hartman Place, Bradford and Ikhlaq Hussain from Chesham Fold Road, Bury, Greater Manchester  – both 29 – were arrested on the 16 December 2016 in the New Leeds area of Bradford, following a police pursuit after the vehicle they were driving failed to stop during which a number of Police vehicles were rammed.

During the chase, a Walther handgun loaded with seven rounds of ammunition and 46 separate rounds of 9mm ammunition were thrown from the vehicle.

Both Khan and Hussain were charged with the illegal possession of a Section 5 firearm and ammunition and Hussain was additionally charged with dangerous driving.

Investigations showed Khan and Hussain had met with two other individuals prior to the police pursuit, and officers believe this was when the handover of the weapon and ammunition took place.

As a result, Kyle Stewart (24) was produced from HMP Armley and Umar Mahmood (31) was produced from HMP Lindholme and charged with conspiracy to supply a prohibited weapon and conspiracy to supply ammunition without a certificate and remanded into custody.

In July, Ikhlaq Hussain pleaded guilty to all charges he faced. Stewart, Mahmood and Khan appeared at Leeds Crown Court on 4th December 2017 for the start of their trial and all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transfer a prohibited weapon.

Today at Leeds Crown Court, Khan, Stewart and Mahmood were sentenced to five years and ten months, six years and three months and five years respectively. Hussain was sentenced to six years and will also be subject to a five year driving ban.

Tim Gregory, from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit said:

“Firearms pose a serious threat to the safety of the public. As has been shown here today, the NCA and partners will not stop in our efforts to remove these dangerous weapons from the streets of the UK.

“We are actively sharing information with partners, taking action against those who seek to supply illegal firearms and removing them from criminal circulation.”

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