Dark web grenade buyer had stash of knives and knuckle dusters

19 May 2017

A 22-year-old man who attempted to buy a grenade on the dark web has been jailed for 10 years following an investigation by the NCA and Met Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).
Luis McMullan admitted searching for a fragmented grenade on an illicit online market place and paying in full for the explosive using Bitcoins.

He was arrested at his home in Tufnell Park, London, on 29 November 2016.

During a search of the property officers found 30 rounds of ammunition, a small bag of MDMA and 78 MDMA tablets stashed in a small box. Officers also recovered two pen guns and various offensive weapons including knives and knuckle dusters.

On 17 May 2017 at the Old Bailey, McMullan pleaded guilty to the importation of a grenade, possession of firearms and ammunition, and possession of class A drugs with intent to supply. He was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in prison.

Spencer Barnett from the Organised Crime Partnership, said:

“Luis McMullan intended to buy a fully functioning hand grenade online and whilst it’s not clear what his motivations were, this is an extremely dangerous weapon that has the potential to cause serious damage.
“We are actively targeting those who believe they can use the dark web to buy and sell illicit goods and continue to work with our law enforcement partners to disrupt the flow of illegal firearms into the UK.”

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