Statement from NCA DG Lynne Owens on Westminster incident

22 March 2017

I know I speak for everyone at the NCA when I say that it is with utter shock and despair that we saw the stark tragedy of this afternoon’s events unfold.

Our hearts go out to all the victims – the loved ones of those who died, and the innocent people so terribly injured.

As law enforcement officers we hold a particular place in our thoughts for the police officer who has made the ultimate sacrifice - simply for protecting the public. We share the same values and work to the same mission of public service. To die doing this is beyond belief, and beyond thanks.

Police officer colleagues have shown exceptional bravery today. We stand ready to help them and to support the fight against those who would hurt and kill.

For now, please take care and stay vigilant, and together we will do all we can over the coming days, and beyond, to keep our country and people safe.

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