Everyone that works for the NCA will play a part in leading the fight to cut serious and organised crime. Our officers will have high levels of personal and professional integrity and be accountable for their actions. This includes not engaging in behaviour of a criminal nature, dishonesty, misuse of drugs, violence, or any action or personal circumstance that undermines you or the NCA status or reputation.

Security is fundamental to the work of the NCA. For that reason the information you provide during your pre employment will be thoroughly checked to ensure eligibility and that you meet the required vetting standards. This will include enhanced security checks against organised crime data. 
All NCA Officers must hold a minimum national security clearance (SC) however some roles will require clearance up to developed vetting (DV) level. This involves interviews with you and your referees. Vacancies requiring developed vetting are clearly marked.

To meet National Security Vetting requirements you will need to have resided in the UK for at a minimum 3 out of the past 5 years for SC clearance and a minimum of 7 out of 10 years for DV clearance. You will still be considered if you were posted abroad as part of your service with the British Government or the British Military during this period.

Security vetting can be intrusive depending on the nature of clearance you require for the role you are applying for. This is to ensure that any vulnerabilities that would potentially put the organisation at risk are identified. While we aim to manage vulnerabilities where possible, in some cases this may not be possible and your application will not be progressed.

Once you join the NCA, your security clearance is subject to regular review. We recognise that personal circumstances change and we also offer a range of help and support in order for you to maintain your clearance whilst employed with us. A range of services will be available to you as an officer of the NCA to help you maintain your security clearance during your career with us.

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