Crime Operational Support

Crime Operational Support provides expert assistance to Senior Investigating Officers dealing with serious crime investigations including:

  • murder
  • no body murder
  • rape
  • abduction
  • suspicious missing persons
  • series and serious sexual offences.

The team consists of four regional teams who are each led by a SIO Regional Adviser; they have broad experience in serious crime investigation as Senior Investigating Officers. They can, at the SIO’s request, offer strategic advice and practical support to investigators of serious and series crimes and other complex enquiries including cross-border and high profile cases.

The Regional Adviser will formulate a Regional Support Team of experts required by the investigation, potentially including:

Crime Investigation Support Officer

Crime Investigation Support Officers provide a resource for tactical advice and guidance, underpinned by knowledge of and access to the whole range of NCA support services and products. Their extensive experience in serious crime investigation can deliver innovative solutions, utilising cutting-edge techniques, to investigative problems.

National Search Adviser

The National Search Adviser provides operational support to forces in relation to search matters and acts as liaison officer with the Police National Search Centre on CBRN and CT search issues.

National Interview Adviser

The National Interview Adviser is able to provide advice and guidance about interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses across a broad range of criminality, with particular reference to PACE Codes and National Standards

National Family Liaison Adviser

The National Family Liaison Adviser can help in complex investigations where there are suspects within the family or other sensitivities. The Adviser advises and assists UK Police Forces and Interpol in the development and delivery of family liaison strategies at both strategic and tactical level.  

Behavioural Investigative Adviser

Behavioural Investigative Advisers (BIA) provides investigative support and advice linking the theoretical basis of behavioural science to the investigation of serious crime. 

Geographic Profiler

It is an offender’s choice as to when and where they choose to commit an offence. Crime times and locations can therefore provide clues about whether an offender is local to an offence location and where they may live, work or travel. Geographic profilers look for these clues by considering many aspects of the offence.

National Vulnerable Witness Adviser

The National Vulnerable Witness Adviser regularly deploys to major crime investigations to assist in the development of interview and witness management strategies in cases that involve particularly challenging vulnerable or intimidated witnesses. 

Communications Data Adviser

Communications Data Adviser providing advice and support in making the most of investigative opportunities regarding communications data and related areas.  

National Forensic Specialist Advisers (NFSAs)

The NFSAs provide support, advice and assistance in the development of a forensic strategy, this includes an overview of all physical evidence issues including the identification of forensic opportunities, potential outcomes and possible future lines of enquiry.

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