Organised Crime Command

We work to make the UK a hostile environment for serious and organised criminals. We promote a sense of shared endeavour through our partnership with the police, wider law enforcement, and the public, private and voluntary sectors.  

OCC ensures an appropriate response to the threat from serious and organised crime by focusing on individuals, groups and crime types.

What we do

OCC delivers a co-ordinated national response to serious and organised crime through the four pillars of the new serious and organised crime strategy - pursue, protect, prevent and prepare.  

We ensure that all organised crime groups have a prioritised level of operational response, based on a clear national picture of the threat and risk they pose to communities.  In line with the NCA’s National Strategic and Tactical Tasking and Coordination functions OCC ensures activity is coordinated across all relevant law enforcement agencies.


The OCC works to cut crime and reduce threats by:

  • Establishing strategic oversight of individuals and groups utilising Organised Crime Group Mapping (OCGM) and ensuring an appropriate response to the threat at a local, regional and national level
  • Working with the Strategic Governance Group and Threat Group activities to develop strategic action plans focusing on the five threat themes of Drugs (UK and International); Firearms; Organised Acquisitive Crime; Organised Immigration Crime and Prisons and Lifetime Offender management
  • Working with partners in the police, law enforcement and the wider community.  This  includes embedding a senior NCA OCC officer in each Regional Organised Crime Unit
  • Collaborating with partners to build knowledge and expertise around the four pillars to fight serious and organised crime.  OCGM has shown that criminals operate in a network and we believe that it takes a network to defeat a network


The OCC will continue its traditional activity with arrests, seizures and criminal prosecutions. It will increasingly work with a broader set of public, private and third sector professionals to disrupt serious organised criminals, their associates, business endeavours and their way of life. The result of this shared endeavour with partners will make a significant impact on serious and organised crime.


The OCC designs and manages national campaigns and initiatives with partners to highlight the impact of organised crime. These campaigns deter individuals from committing organised crime, and encourage people to report it.  This will create a hostile operating environment for organised crime groups.


We work closely with public bodies and private industry to identify vulnerabilities and improve our target hardening capability in response.  Intelligence and information sharing is essential to this work, enabling all parties to identify the threat and protect the economy and our communities.


We develop positive relationships with law enforcement and the wider community, including the public, private and third sectors.  The OCC engages strategically and tactically to build specialist knowledge, enhance our capability and effectiveness, and to cut crime and protect the public.



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