National Cyber Crime Unit

The NCCU leads the UK’s response to cyber crime, supports partners with specialist capabilities and coordinates the national response to the most serious of cyber crime threats.

Working closely with the Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs), the MPCCU (Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit), partners within Industry, Government and International Law Enforcement, the NCCU has the capability to respond rapidly to changing threats.

The NCCU has the capability to respond in fast time to rapidly changing threats and collaborates with partners to reduce cyber crime by:

  • Providing a powerful and highly visible investigative response to the most serious incidents of cyber crime: pursuing cyber criminals at a national and international level.
  • Working proactively to target criminal vulnerabilities and prevent criminal opportunities.
  • Assisting the NCA and wider law enforcement to pursue those who utilise the internet or ICT for criminal means. This includes offering technical, strategic and intelligence support to local and regional law enforcement, as well as supporting the training of the Cyber Crime Units within each ROCU.
  • Driving a step-change in the UK’s overall capability to tackle cyber crime, supporting partners in industry and law enforcement to better protect themselves against cyber crime.

Using the NCA’s single intelligence picture, the NCCU works with partners to identify and understand the growing use of cyber as an enabler across all crime types. It can then determine the most effective ways of tackling the threat. 

The NCCU is a recipient of funding from the National Cyber Security Programme, which supports development and transformation of the UK’s cyber capabilities across Government.

The NCCU has strong links with the ROCUs and local Police Services, sharing information, intelligence and expertise to enhance knowledge of the cyber threat in order to prioritise operational and disruption activity most effectively. The NCCU , ROCUs and local Police forces routinely conduct operations in partnership.

For more information on the ROCUs, please visit their individual websites (see below).

For information on staying safe online, please visit Get Safe Online or Cyber Streetwise.

Report a crime

If you have been the victim of cybercrime, please contact Action Fraud.

'A day in the life' - National Cyber Crime Unit'

Testimonials from several NCA Officers serving with the NCCU have been published to give you an idea of the roles the NCCU performs and and the career opportunities available. 

Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs)

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